Welcome to Anime Metaverse

A note from Soulwielder
Dear Soulmate,
You have gathered enough hype, and now, here you are, on an island like no other. Whatever you may seek in coming here, we hope the experience will be worth your while. If triumph is what you ultimately desire, there’s only one way to go: have fun.
But before you begin your journey, you must first understand how to navigate the wonderful world of Anime Metaverse. Here you’ll be able to find your purpose, be given life-changing opportunities, and with a little bit of luck, can even make your dreams come true.
We have written the anthology to guide you, so use it to your heart’s content. Treat it like an unbreakable bond that connects you to your soulmate so you may never lose your way. Although these stories are merely made of words, they hold the answer you pursue, touch your heart aplenty, and make you laugh heartily, serving the very purpose it aims for.
Along the way, you may also pen and weave your own lore, and we’ll be here, always keen to direct, read, and listen. Until then, enjoy the ride and have the merriest of fun.
Welcome to Anime Metaverse!
Yours sincerely,
The Visionary Committee, a.k.a THE SEER
Last modified 8mo ago