Researcher’s Log: Soulmate Staking

By: Shatea
–HYPE metrics and Staking Process–
Summary: HYPE and Staking were key to the evolution process of the verses in this world, but what were they exactly? This is the report of my findings. I am Riru, the world’s best researcher at the Central Energy Infrastructure! These findings will be my first step in creating a notorious legacy. Granted, I am still in the field as a novice, but it is my destiny!
Please notice me, Rikka!
Data Log:
[Day 1 – 4:00 am]
Three days had passed since I became a CEI Researcher in the field, and I expected to research the mysteries of the metaverse, yet I am forced only to do daily readings of HYPE levels instead. And so, I have conducted experiments in my free time. Every legendary researcher didn’t make history just doing their duties!
Every Soulmate, the main creators and leaders in this metaverse, have a trait called HYPE. Unlike the $ANIMA energy source that is inherently a token, HYPE is a Soulmate trait accumulated before the Initiation stage. It acts as a metric like how a character has experience levels or skill points.
Only by Staking can a Soulmate gain HYPE until they reach the Initiation stage at a certain period. Staking is the process of holding a Soulmate, usually kept on the site to start the process. Once removed, it is un-staked. It can be re-staked, but if you miss a day of staking, you miss potential HYPE that will never be gained again after our Initiation had passed at the prelude to our Anime Metaverse. Collectively, once we reached 3,000,000 HYPE, we entered Initiation and the rest is history.
These are the basic findings everyone knew, but most view them as trivial. Yet I have a feeling there’s more to this story.
[Day 2 – 3:00 am]
I couldn’t sleep since I had started this research. A strange thing happened when I tried to see if one of our volunteers for HYPE levels readings reacted to –REDACTED–. 10 HYPE were gained per day back then, but some had boosters based on how they staked…so there were some with more HYPE than others. Since HYPE is a finite resource, could I take it away? No. Nothing worked. Once she had her Initiation, it seemed the level of HYPE associated with her Soulmate was set in stone. The HYPE gained during staking had affected her Soulmate’s rarity, but she missed a few days since she forgot to stake. She could never reach her max HYPE levels because of that.
[Day 3 – 9:00 am]
My supervisor heard of my experiments and applauded me. Today, he granted me permission to join him in looking at the Staking process reports! It is a big win!
[Day 8 – 6:00 pm]
Now that I have access to reports on Staking and HYPE in the lab, I’ve been fully immersed. Staking is like the evolution stage of our Soulmates to enter the Metaverse. Yet beyond affecting rarity at Initiation, there has been no known idea of what good it could do as a trait. However, I found a hint! Some of the reports suggested that HYPE had been used in other cases to do –REDACTED–. Unfortunately, I didn’t have clearance to access what those cases were. However, I heard that the prominent CEO Soulcatcher, who is a rival to Rikka, has been gathering people with high HYPE level traits.
Soulcatcher never does anything without reason. There was no way HYPE was a trivial vain trait now. A simple “mark” that you passed your Initiation as others thought. However, the notorious villain (the public was being deceived!) was also known for his playful tendencies…what is the truth?
I’ll do more research. Since the updates would just be repetitions of studying reports, I shall only revise if anything important happens.
[Day 17 – 10:00 am]
I received a notice to stop meddling in the mysteries of staking. I got reprimanded by the same supervisor who praised me. What could have changed so quickly? I was confused until I saw a check signed by Soulcatcher sitting on his desk. Hmph! I will keep researching but I have to do it in secret.
[Day 28 – 1:00 am]
I almost got caught. Thankfully, my trusty pet alerted me. I ran to my room ASAP. Good thing I wrote what I needed from the files since I couldn’t take the reports with me without permission. Hopefully, no one asks to see my space inventory.
[Day 33 – 4:00 am]
Various reports are in different labs in the area, only accessible in person to protect information flow. I need an excuse to enter. If only the reports were clear here! Why are all the references to future cases redacted?! I wish I had Top Level clearance!
[Day 45 – 9:00 pm]
Finally! I have found out all there is to know about HYPE. It took moving to a few different labs, but now I finished my research! Unfortunately, the information has been mostly redacted on future HYPE usage, but I found a few critical hints hidden in the older labs. I had to pretend I was volunteering to do Children’s Lab Day at each of them, followed by frantic researching in secret. It was tough. But I found hints to a few secrets that went beyond HYPE.
The final summary is as follows:
  • Staking may increase the odds of rarity
  • Hype is a finite resource that determines how far you can walk in AM (words taken from an old report. What did the author mean by walk? A metaphor for the possibilities in AM?)
  • Once gathering hype during Initiation is completed, there is no more to gain. Those with the highest levels of HYPE will be invaluable.
However, some rumours say that the one who collects all five of the most hyped characters will control the emissions, but for what? Somehow I bet that’s what Soulcatcher was after, but I can’t prove it. If starburst energy can refine to $ANIMA, which is also our main currency here, then HYPE can affect, hmmm, I wonder?
With this, I can submit my report on HYPE and Staking to the world and make my name! If my supervisor says anything, I’ll point out the check I saw! I have proof. It is too bad that the information on future uses of HYPE outside of the Initiation Stage was still Top Secret.
Next possible research: $ANIMA
It will be used as the primary currency in this world, but as filtered energy evoked by positive emotions, what more could be said?
When will the CEI promote me to top-level secrecy already? I can’t wait!
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