See the Rainbow, Wear the Rainbow

by: Shinka
I heard my roommate come home, followed by her rapid footsteps coming to the front of my room.
“Jimin! I did it!” she yelled excitedly while knocking on my door.
I took a moment to collect myself. Carefully, I put down my tea and took off my headphones. ‘Alright, let’s see what it’s about this time,’ I encouraged myself.
I walked over and opened my door, just in time for a blur of color to be shoved into my face.
“Look at these bad boys!” she said.
“Momo, I can’t see them when you’re rubbing them in my face,” I replied, a little unenthusiastically.
She backed up and unfurled her latest achievement: a pair of rainbow joggers. Striking? Definitely. They felt soft according to my face-meter, but good grief, talk about fashion faux pas.
I fixed my glasses and hair before responding, “Momo, where on Alpha did you find those things? Did you take them from a festival clown? Is there a little red nose hidden in your pocket?” I teased.
Her expression changed into a criminally cute pout as she murmured, “You don’t even understand the value of these amazing joggers, hmmph!”
I’ll admit, I’m weak against her “hmmphs”.
“I’m just teasing you,” I said, ruffling her hair. “Tell me about them and the clown you stole them from.”
“There was no clown, dummy. I made this masterpiece!” She puffed her chest out proudly while displaying the joggers.
“A great man once said: Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. And this applies to these pants 100%.” I teased, “Do they at least fit?”
“Ohh, I sure hope so. I’ve been eating too many sweets,” she replied, ignoring my amazing jokes.
“But I didn’t make these for fashion, thank you very much. Looks aside, they have a super awesome utility,” she bragged. “Guess what it is!”
“Hmmm, does it bring all the boys to our yard? It is close to Valentine's day.” I teased her playfully.. ‘I am on fire today,’ I smirked to myself.
“No. Rude. I call them my ‘Magical Magic-Find’ pants. They are a unique Enhancement Item. Wearing them helps me find what I’m looking for,” she explained.
“Wait, you can use magic? Are you a witch? Which house are you from?” I asked, both curious and astonished.
“Of course, and I’ve already cast a spell on you, dear Jimin,” she said, “why else are you still my roommate after an entire semester? Most people leave me, you know?”
“For your amazing ramen, of course,” I said with a smirk, “but tell me more about those Amazing utilities and the Amazing choice of color. Do all Enhancement Items look so unique?”
“I see you’ve finally come to appreciate my masterpiece. The looks don’t matter, these pants will help me gather minerals to craft Venarites! Come here, Jimin, let me rub your belly for some Starcrane luck…” she said, moving closer to me menacingly.
I stepped back while covering my stomach. I can’t let her know I’d developed a slight pudge!
“Don’t you dare Momo, those pants better help you find some common sense too! I’m sure Enhancement Items can do more than just look funky and gather materials,” I said, deftly dodging her attempts at rubbing my stomach.
I pulled my gaming chair in front of us to create a barrier, but she kept circling around, intent on using me as her personal good-luck charm.
“Oh not at all little Jimin, they can do all sorts of things. Enhancement Items can boost $ANIMA yield, boost your FUN rate, or even…AHA!” She lunged at my abdomen. I deflected her attack by swinging my Rikka body pillow at her, smacking her squarely in the face. ‘Sorry Rikka.’
Maybe getting hit sobered her up, but Momo stopped her pursuit immediately after.
“Did you just hit me with your Rikka body pillow? Harsh…” She said, rubbing her nose and fixing her hair. “But anyway, Enhancement Items are pretty awesome. You can even use them to find specific items, like these.”
“Alright, I’m intrigued. Where’d you find these patterns to make the joggers?” I asked.
“You can find them at the library, and some vendors sell specific item patterns too. Apparently there’re cookbooks & recipes for consumables as well!”
“So you’re telling me I can make myself some $ANIMA yield boosting socks for Staking? I can actually earn more $ANIMA?” I asked with a glimmer of hope. I do like socks after all.
“I’m not sure but I’ll tell you what, let me put these joggers on, and then we can pass by the library before we go excavating,” she offered, “maybe we can find something that fits your requirements!”
“But I don’t wanna go excavating…” I countered.
“So you’re gonna let little old me excavate on my own while wearing these amazing pants?” She looked at me with pointed eyes. “After I gave you some life-changing info?”
“N-No… It’s not like that. I just… Alright, let me change out of my PJs, and let’s go,” I conceded.
“Before you go, take these. It’s dangerous out there,” she said, handing me a gift bag.
I peeked inside and there it was, in all its glory, my own pair of rainbow joggers.
“Why you do dis Momo?” I asked, feeling conflicted but grateful she gave them to me. “I don’t know what to say.”
“I made them so we can have matching sweaters AND pants. We are best friends forever, after all!” she exclaimed. “And you’re welcome Jimin.”
“Thank you, now we can look cute while Excavating. At least we won’t get lost in the crowd or attract weirdos,” I said. ‘Was this actually a good idea?’
I changed into the rainbow joggers. Despite their appearance, they were so soft I never wanted to take them off. I was even more impressed when I found out I could put my entire arm into the super deep pockets.
Taking a few steps to stretch out the joggers, I realized how breathable they were and felt inspired to practice some of the Kumi choreo I had just learned.
“Get it Jimin! Your moves definitely hit harder in those. What do you think, pretty awesome joggers aren’t they?” Momo asked.
I nodded at her with a smile. “Thank you Momo, I feel like I’ve had these joggers for forever. I’m actually feeling a little more confident and, dare I say, luckier while wearing them.”
We headed towards the library and I explored the patterns and recipes for all the available Enhancement Items.
I was particularly excited for the ‘$ANIMA-Up Brownies’ recipe, and Momo dug up a ‘FUN+Ultra’ energy drink recipe.
Momo decided to host an Enhancement Item Crafting Day in the dorm. She told me to invite all my friends while completely forgetting the fact that she was my only friend.
We laughed about it and, after renting the books, we headed out to get Momo her Venarite materials.
Despite the weird stares, Momo and I showed off our matching attire with a special bravado. I couldn’t help but feel a little opportunistic. Whether it was Momo making me a gift, or the joggers themselves, I wasn’t entirely sure but we felt alive and vibrant.
Your roommate has made you some rainbow joggers to help with your Excavation drops.
These colorful pants will help you not only get noticed by Senpai but also craft more Venarite for Starcrane pulls.
You also acquired a library card for renting Enhancement Item pattern books & recipes.
You were awarded a pair of Rainbow Joggers! You can equip the Rainbow Joggers on your avatar and it boosts [Excavation Drop Rate Up] You have rented Bountiful Baking by Parupiro and learned the Enhancement Item (Consumable) Recipe You have rented Pow’ful Potions by ShaTea and learned the Enhancement Item (Consumable) Recipe