SPARK, You Only Need One

by: Waifu Hunter
The place was as vibrant as Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but it felt like everything was dull. The speakers were blaring with what sounded like the latest tunes from Kumi, although I couldn’t make out much of it. Ahh yes, here we go again—silly old me subconsciously detaching from reality. This had been happening a lot ever since I started rolling for that exclusive item in that despicable Starcrane Machine. You see, I’m the type of guy who relied solely on honed skill and exerted effort, and for good reason—my luck was the absolute worst. Unfortunately for me, luck was exactly what I needed for Starcrane to work. All of a sudden, a strange warm feeling on my right ear tore me from the dilemma that plagued me.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I quickly freed my ear from the grasp of Lena’s moist lips.
“What are YOU doing?” she instantly threw the question at me. “We invited all these people to celebrate your promotion to First Class but you’re just sitting there aloof in your own little world!”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry,” I admitted. “But for sure there could have been a better way to snap me out of it besides nibbling on my ear!”
“Well… would you have wanted me to nibble on something else?” she said as she traced her fingers across my right thigh with a seductive look on her gorgeous face.
In retaliation, I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her closer. Her eyes grew wide in surprise, but I didn’t stop there. I leaned forward and whispered softly towards her ear, “Maybe I do.”
I released her from my clutches when I saw her cheeks start to turn bright red. “You can’t win these kinds of battles, Lena,” I said triumphantly.
“Baka…” she replied in a barely audible tone. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her retreat into this shy and cute demeanor contrary to her usual upbeat and talkative self. I had to look away and restrain myself before she noticed.
“Anyways!” she shouted as she tried to get back her composure. “Since it feels like you have no interest in this crowd we’ve gathered, I think it’s best we leave them be and take a walk. The stars are out tonight and it’s not too chilly!”
“Finally! My legs are starting to cramp from sitting too long.”
“Hey Sov, don’t forget your cape!”
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” I waved goodbye to our friends who came out to celebrate with us here on Minami’s Island as I put on my royal mantle. I ran to catch up to Lena who was giddily skipping along the snow-filled pavement.
“So… what could possibly make the first man to attain Legendary Class feel down like that?” Lena asked in a cheerful tone but with an evident hint of concern.
“It’s the Starcrane Machine,” I said hesitantly. “I’ve been mining Venarite for weeks now to fund my gacha addiction but still no luck with my rolls.”
"Oh, you’re still trying to get that item?”
“Yeah, you know I have to get that last piece to complete my regalia set.”
“Of course, I do! It’s to achieve the persona you’ve been trying to build, right? How many rolls have you done exactly?”
“I don’t usually check the number so I don’t get depressed. But since my dear Lena has asked me to do it, let me do just that.” I opened my user interface and headed over to transactions. “Will you look at that! I’m at 299 rolls already.” “Wait. Did you just say 299?” Lena gasped.
“Yes, Lena, I know it’s pretty bad. You don’t have to—” Before I could finish my sentence, she grabbed my hand and started sprinting towards the forest, dragging me along with her.
“Hold up, can you please tell me what’s going on?” I asked as we made our way through the bushes.
“There’s no time! Just believe in me, Sov.”
And so I did. We eventually ended up in a clearing at the edge of the island where no other soulmate was in sight. It was the first time I’d been there. And oddly enough, the place felt… hopeful.
“We made it!” Lena exclaimed as she looked at her watch. “Do you have enough venarite for a roll right now?” she asked.
Quite an odd question right now but I replied nonetheless, “I think I have enough for a roll or two.”
“Perfect. We only need one!” her eyes were filled with excitement. I didn’t know what this mischievous girl was up to but I was enjoying every bit of this wild adventure with her.
“Look at the stars,” she said. “Pick one that you feel resonates with you the most.” I looked up and saw a variety of stars in the night sky glowing brighter than usual. But there was this certain star that appeared to stand out more than the others.
“I got one,” I said.
“Now close your eyes and wish for the best luck anyone can ever have.”
I followed even though the request sounded silly. After wishing intently, I opened my eyes and saw one of the most splendid displays I had ever seen. The stars that initially glowed in place were now racing across the night sky in concentric circles. I turned to Lena who was just as mesmerized as I was. Her eyes reflected the luminous stars and the trails they made. Ahh, I was in a trance once again—the good kind this time.
“Head over to that Starcrane Machine over there,” she said.
“There’s a Starcrane Machine here? In the middle of nowhere?”
“Yes, dummy! What did I tell you about believing in me?” She pointed at the Starcrane Machine partially hidden by a tall bush. These things were literally everywhere and they didn't seem to be affected by the elements.
I slowly walked towards the accursed machine.
“Go roll! You only need one. Trust me,” she said.
I didn’t even try to argue and just went with it. “I told you, it’s not going to—” for the second time today, I didn't finish my sentence. The machine started to glow a bright golden hue and the ground started to shake. A blinding light shot from the machine and I shielded my eyes from the SPARKS that shot from the Starcrane. When I came to, I couldn’t believe what I saw.
“It’s… it’s the crown regalia. But-but how?” I said with a shaky voice.
“I told you to believe in me,” Lena said cheerfully as she wrapped her slender arms around me. I snuggled against the lovely warmth of her body.. But it couldn't match the feeling of having a soft pair of voluptuous cushions pressing against my chest.
“Close your mouth, Sov. You’re about to drool over my favourite coat. I know you’re very excited about the legendary item but isn’t that a bit too much?” she teased.
“Uhm… yeah. It was the crown that uhm… distracted me. Yes, def-definitely the crown.”.
Lena took the crown and placed it on my head. “Here you go, your highness.”
I felt powerful. I had completed the persona I’ve been trying to build—that of a ruler. Moreover, I had my queen right beside me. Anime Metaverse, Sovereign had arrived!
There would be more adventures to overcome for sure—within AM lay limitless possibilities. But this would do for now.