Supernova: Waifu Wars — Kidnapping and Death by Snusnu

By: Shatea
“Which NFT did ya say you wanna burn, Psycho?!” A buff player with a boar head growled. His name, OverlordSoul, hovered over him.
“I said Minami! Rikka obviously is in short supply, so leave her species alone!” A tall elf with waist-long silver hair, Seraphim69, roared.
“She isn’t an endangered species, moron!” OverlordSoul stomped his foot.
I just wanted advice on getting a Supernova, but I accidentally started a Waifu War. “Maybe I won’t burn –”
“NO! WE MUST KNOW WHO’S BETTER!” The pair roared at me in unison.
OverlordSoul slapped his abs. “No one actually got a Supernova yet – not in my friend group. Who could bear to burn Minami’s cute face? If more Rikkas burn, though, I’d get to keep her for myself.”
Seraphim69 looked up into the sky. “I have three Rikkas, but I can’t bear to burn any of them. Would you burn a national treasure?! Go burn all Minamis. I own half the supply.”
I held up my hands in surrender. “I just need to burn tokens to get Rikka to level 5, but I can’t bear to burn another Rikka to get to level 6. Minami and them can only go level 5, and I need to burn NFTs to level up. Either choice is hard.”
“They’re all randomized yield increases, so just buy a lot and see which ends up best as you level up.” OverlordSoul spat out while digging in his ear. He looked dumb, but he sometimes acted like money was water.
“I’m not rich.”
“Then just give up on Supernova.” Seraphim69 sneered down at me. “You’re wasting time being indecisive.”
I laughed nervously. They were both decked out with weaponry, so I couldn’t just kick them. Why was I talking to these psychos? I opened my game menu and checked the faq. Ok, I remembered the burning mechanics right to upgrade my NFT, but it seems if I wanted to, I could reverse things by burning Void Crystal along with Onyx.
”Who came up with this burning idea anyway?”
“Oh, this guy called Exy. He’s quite famous as part of the founding team. Has a thing for orc chicks. Huh…This is his fault…” OverlordSoul trembled in rage as smoke came out of his fuzzy boar head.
“That sadistic man!” Seraphim69 collapsed to his knees, destroying his elegant image.
The once-enemies started to hug each other in consolation.
“Sounds like you want to completely possess the one you want to burn and like the other as a collectible.” I tapped my chin. “I wonder if Exy burned nfts for a Supernova yet?”
They paused.
The elf looked unhinged with that crooked grin. “Hey. Vel, was it? You’re astute. I want to make sure no one touches Minami, to claim her all for myself.” He glared at Boar Head, who stuck out his tongue. “I love Rikka’s design as an nft, but Minami is mine. Exy made me suffer.”
OverlordSoul cracked his knuckles. “Vice-versa for me. What a fun idea, Vel! We’ll come with you to ask.”
“We have a business, boss. Don’t forget the rats.” Seraphim69 raised a brow.
“It can wait. I sense fresh blood.” OverlordSoul eyes met mine.
What was with this guy? The longer he spoke, the more it seemed like his ‘fun’ persona was an act. But then again, everyone was a catfish in virtual reality.
They suddenly grabbed my hands. “Let’s kidnap Exy!”
“I’m not –”
“30,000 $ANIMA.”
“Deal.” I sold my soul too fast.
And that was how I helped in the kidnapping of a founding team member of the biggest anime metaverse just one day after joining to get answers for waifu justice. We managed to get the elusive legend in our grasp within the hour.
“It’s too late to run.” The elf gave a cold smile.
Exy, the man who caused Waifu Wars, was tied up.
OverlordSoul turned to the cloaked figure as I tried to ignore the secret room furnished like a maid café. “Talk!” He tore off the cloak.
Exy, the man who tormented many players with ideas of burning their waifus, liked to play as an Orc Woman? His avatar had way too many socks—Rikka in a sock keychain, sock shirt, even sock earrings.
Mom. You were right. I should stop following weirdos.
The charming orc woman growled out with a deep voice, “Yo, I'm here.”
Exy’s image shattered in my heart. I know many guys who played as female characters, but what was with all the sock merch?
OverlordSoul laughed, “Blame yourself. I’m holding your wallet hostage. Now explain your sin.”
Exy frowned. “Burning for Supernova status? It was for incentivizing supply drop and to raise rarity! People love that!”
Seraphim69 stepped in. “But look at their poor faces! How could I face their mother?!”
“They’re just NFTs, not real people!”
OverlordSoul growled. “You should be afraid.”
“You know why I let myself get hacked,” Exy smirked.
Overlord sneered and then pointed to me. “You get one shot. Ask.”
“A-Ah, yes.” I walked up to the chair. “It’s about leveling up my NFT into Supernova. Should I burn a Rikka or Minami or just not burn?”
Exy tilted his head. “I’d say Supernova brings future benefits, but just hold them all to make these lunatics suffer. Can’t tell ya more, sorry!” He nodded to the kidnappers. “They should know why.”
My skin tingled at those words. If they already knew, then why do all this? I peeked behind me at OverlordSoul. In the barely lit room, he looked menacing.
"Got your answer?” OverlordSoul asked.
“Y-yes. I’ll wait to hear more before deciding. I’ll stake two NFTs instead.” I gotta get outta here fast!
“Now, time for your test.”
Seraphim69 took out a starburst crystal. It shone brightly in the darkroom. He placed it on my palm with a gentle smile and said, “As you know, pure starburst is highly reactive to a human’s emotions. People value it to turn into $ANIMA, but they don’t realize the real value.” His pale eyes darkened. “If you let go of this crystal, I’ll erase everything you own.” “
Y-You can’t!”
“We kidnapped Exy. What can’t we do?”
I gulped.
“You have one job.” Seraphim69 continued. “Do as we ask. If you do it, you get paid. Or you can leave but get nothing. Choose.”
Eh?! “Three…Two…” “I’ll do it!” I blurted out. 30,000 $ANIMA was no joke.
“Good.” His smile widened. “The crystal reacts to the energy of your emotions. Starburst is the ultimate lie detector. If you were an expert at controlling your emotions, you’d be a threat.” Seraphim69 chuckled deeply as he held the pure starburst in his hand. “Aren’t I such a good guy?”
There was no way he was. Sometimes, the best actors fell into their roles without a trace or had no feelings.
“Hey. I did my end of the deal for your rat problem, so hurry up.” Exy grumbled.
OverlordSoul snapped his fingers. “Give it.” Seraphim69 took out a virtual reality headset from his inventory. “Enjoy the experience. Pervert.”
“Hey, I gave you your intel earlier, so kill me by snusnu! Make it happen!”
“Here’s your task.” Seraphim69 tossed the VR set to me.
I looked down at the headset. “He’ll d-d-die? Is this part of the metaverse?”
“No. We’re the black market of the black market—Why else would Exy need to come to us? This isn’t Rikka’s universe anymore. Those who try death by snusnu will feel ecstasy for a minute of bliss then experience a fake death.”
If it wasn’t a true death…At the word ‘death’, I was eager to see what the VR headset would do to the orc. I was curious what ‘death’ in a metaverse such as this looked like.
With bated breath, I placed the headset on Exy’s amused eyes and stepped back. It was such a simple act, yet it felt so…thrilling. I was being bad.
And it felt good.
The headset glowed, and the orc avatar grinned widely. Then, as Exy giggled like a weirdo, I found two pairs of eyes focused on me. I straightened my back on reflex.
Then Exy completely fell silent.
OverlordSoul clapped. “You’ve passed, fresh blood.”
Seraphim69’s eyes twinkled. “Congratulations on your kill. How do you feel?”
Ah. I did something bad. Dread lined my veins as I realized I wasn’t as good as I thought. What would Mom say if she knew?
The pure starburst in my hand started to darken with tainted energy, and the light flickered, making the room look like a horror film.
Sweat rolled down my neck as I took in Exy’s “happy death.” Before I could take off the headset, Exy’s avatar dissipated into thin air. Fascinated, I watched until the room began to grow dark.
Dread turned into fear. The fear I would get caught.
OverlordSoul shrugged. “It’s not a true death. He asked for this.”
Oh! That was true. Easing my nerves, the negative emotions began to clear and slowly, the room began to light up until it was clear as day. I looked at my palm, and the pure starburst glowed until it turned into $ANIMA. I was so relieved that my positive emotions purified the crystal.
“Not many can feel guiltless after such a heavy emotional burden. Such shamelessness is needed in my organization.” OverlordSoul smiled.
“Thank you?” The longer I stood there, the more uncertain I was about myself.
“You’re darker than I thought.” Seraphim69 leaned over me from behind. When did he even get there? So quiet.
OverlordSoul added, “He could be a great resource.” His reckless persona seemed to disappear as he stood straight and crossed his arms over me like my boss. “Recruit him.”
“No, I’m good!”
“If only it wasn’t Exy…” The sadistic elf muttered. A dark glint seemed to flash in his eyes, but that quickly disappeared behind his smile.
I pretended to hear nothing. “Are you rich guys with too much time?”
“He is.” Seraphim69 pointed at the boar head. “I make an honest living. I threaten people. It doesn’t matter what I do, but what you do, Vel.”
“But is Exy truly ok? Losing an avatar for a moment of pleasure seems a bit much!” I said righteously, forgetting the thrill I felt.
“He’s got multiple avatars. We’re helping society. Death by snusnu is a happy death for the depraved. At least I don’t silence people.” Something flickered in the elf’s eyes.
“Pay him.” OverlordSoul ordered.
“Here.” Seraphim69 sent a dm and grinned. “Come visit us sometime – we’re always recruiting. Next time you go to the maid cafe, ask for Hiro.”
Mom. I’m sorry. Your son just joined a dark organization.